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“...One of my favorite CD’s of the year! (1999)”
- Kevin Connor, KGSR Austin, TX

In tribute to the legendary style of old country blues from the 1920s and 1930s, The Biscuit Rollers have combined finger picking guitar with soulful blues harmonica, brushes on a snare and high hat, standup bass, and a sassy female voice to create this outstanding tribute CD One Kind Favor.

Reaching back into the archives of musical history, The Biscuit Rollers have recorded this CD of old traditional songs from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The music of The Biscuit Rollers, born from the original roots of the early pioneers of old country blues, seeks to maintain the authentic feel while enhancing the sound and arrangement. With One Kind Favor, The Biscuit Rollers bring forth a modern fidelity to a nearly forgotten era.

Based out of Austin, Texas, this CD was created by finger picking guitarist Thierry Cogneé who, with the lending of voice from Eden Hearne, acquired performances from studio musicians Rob Jewit (upright bass), Cody LePow (harmonica), and Alan Reizner (snare). Says Thierry about the music, “There was something a little bit magical about this collaboration, we could work pretty fast together. Studying this music for a long time, listening, learning, feeling it, I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to the great country blues as interpreted from the 20’s and 30’s. I am very happy and proud to give you One Kind Favor.” The results of this CD have been phenomenal and far exceeded what he had originally thought possible. There indeed was something magical about this project that made the music take on a life of its own.

THE BISCUIT ROLLERS TODAY: The new roster for The Biscuit Rollers is: Thierry Cogneé - finger picking guitar, Walter White - vocals/harmonica, and guest standup bassist and snare drums. With a male vocalist, and with it’s new musicians, The Biscuit Rollers are developing a live sound different from the CD “One Kind Favor.” The music is now more Rocking Blues, and they now have a 5 song demo called 5-Song Demo.

  • They have taped a performance for the PBS-TV program Texas Music Cafe (to air worldwide as part of their 5th season, in the year 2000).

  • Very first band to perform onstage and via live radio broadcast for the KGSR “Live from the Iron Cactus” (February, 1999)

  • “One Kind Favor” received radio airplay from non-commercial folk radio stations nationwide and some countries in Europe.