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Based out of Austin, Texas, this CD was created by finger picking guitarist Thierry Cogneé with the lending of Eden Hearne's voice.

Says Thierry about the music, "There was something a little bit magical about this collaboration. Studying this music for a long time, listening, learning, feeling it, I've always wanted to pay tribute to the great country blues as interpreted from the 20's and 30's. I'm very happy and proud to give you One Kind Favor."

The results of this CD have been phenomenal and far exceeded what we had expected. Unfortunately, Eden Hearne wasn't prepared and couldn't pursue further in order to promote the CD, so The Biscuit Rollers are still alive performing and recording with a new lineup featuring Walter White on vocals, harmonica and maracas. Performances often include upright bass and snare drum.

The name is the same, but The Biscuit Rollers are changing. Now with male vocals, they are developing a more rocking blues approach, and have recorded a new 5-song demo in order to capture their new sound and to promote the new incarnation of the band for live performances.


5-Song Demo

Talking About You
Casey Jones
Jaguar and Thunderbird
Policy Blues